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Entire History Of Spiderman


Stan Lee, one of the creators of Spiderman took different ideas from other comics, and with input from his friends, came up with the Spidey we all know today.

Original Drawings of Spiderman

In 1960, the Fantastic Four had been very successful and so Stan Lee said it was time to add another superhero to Marvel’s roster. Lee said he picked the name Spider-Man (as opposed to Spider-Boy) because he wanted the superheroes to grow up without having to change their names, and he added a hyphen (Spider-Man, not Spiderman) to distinguish the superhero character from one of Marvel’s “competitors,” DC Comics.

In 1962, Marvel Comics failing series Amazing Fantasy introduced Spiderman in their last episode #15. Stan Lee was only allowed to introduce the character at the end of the comic series because sales were dropping – meaning it was a throw away – and the publishers would try any idea.

Behind the Spidey mask is our Hero, Peter Parker.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a great movie that tells the story of Spiderman’s origins.


Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy #15 portrayed Peter Parker as a high school student in Queens with Spider-Man’s secret identity, self-obsession, rejection, inadequacy, and loneliness that young readers could identify with. Peter Parker is at a demonstration on how radiation works when he is bitten by radioactive spider.

Amazing Fantasy 15 Spider Man Marvel Comics

Dr. Otto Octavius created the radioactive spider during one of his experiments.


Amazing Fantasy #15 sales went through the roof and so Marvel green lit a solo comic book series for the new character, Spider-man.

In 1963, The Amazing Spider-Man took off and became the flagship of Marvel Comics. In fact, Spiderman has a huge universe with multiple storylines and now a series of movies on the Big Screen.

However, Spiderman’s popularity declined when Aunt May dies and Peter Parker sells his soul to the Devil. This was the death of the character, Spiderman.

Spidermans Deal with the Devil Mephisto

In 2007, Spiderman asks Mephisto, Marvel’s version of Satan, for help. He agrees to revive Aunt May and erase all memories of Spider-Man’s secret identity, but that will cost Peter his marriage to Mary Jane Watson. The situation sets in motion the controversial comic storyline “One More Day,” in which Peter sacrifices his marriage to save the life of Aunt May.

This comic book will be portrayed in future movies as a kind of sorcerer’s apprentice tale that will make its way into the next Spider-Man movie and devastate Peter’s private life even more. This is what occultism and sorcery will do to anyone’s life – it will destroy them. This story is widely accepted as one of the worst moments in the Spider-Man comic book history. Dealing with the Devil changed Spider-Man’s story forever, not only was his secret identity restored, but the entire Spiderman universe was changed.